Thank You Daron

I didn’t always have the pleasure of living so close to a ball park. My home in Dubuque, Iowa is three hours from Miller Park, four hours from Wrigley Field, and six hours from Target Field. At the end of our year in Wisconsin, moving from Merton, WI was devastating to me. I learned to love the random quick decisions to go to games and I wasn’t ready to give that up. I begged my parents to let me move in with my uncle or aunt. Unfortunately they told me no, but they did give me something to make me feel a little better about moving away from my beloved Brewers….Daron Sutton.

Daron Sutton was the Brewers play by play announcer for five years before moving to Arizona. Since moving away from Milwaukee, mom & dad paid for a cable subscription so we could watch the Crew on TV. I would spend my nights glued to the Brewers on FSN North and listening to Sutton. Since I lived in a town that the majority was Cubs fans (GROSS!) I could never rely on the local paper to provide enough news on the Brewers.. Sutton always provided the cure for my addiction.

Being able to watch the Brewers on TV made it easier being away from Milwaukee. Sutton got me interested in the game at a new level. Sutton taught me strategies of baseball. Baseball was no longer just watching a player try and hit home runs, it was more than that. I learned that there were reasons certain pitches were thrown and where/when/why bunts were placed. Sutton has a love for the game and it was obvious in every announcement he made.

Sutton made it an effort to get the fan back into loving the Brewers. Sutton founded the Buckethead Brigade after he and his co-announcer Bill Schroeder were made fun of because of their large head (my dad says it was a play on the fact that they used to sell beer in buckets at the old County Stadium, and the drunks would wear the empty buckets on their heads). Brewers offered a discounted ticket for one section in the ball park on Tuesday night games. This got people excited to go to the game which was ever much needed in the 2002-2006 seasons.

So as other people say they started liking baseball because of a player or coach, I have a different story. I fell in love with the game by following an announcer. Thank you Daron Sutton for making me the fan I am today.



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